Online chainmail clothing store

Custom Orders

Ringworks can create custom-made designs for customers! If you have an idea and would like to see it become a reality, feel free to contact us about it. Reference images are preferred if you wish us to get the best idea of what you have in mind. We will charge accordingly, taking materials and time into consideration. If you are able to visit our store, you may provide your own fabric\textile material or you can send us the material. Ringworks is not liable for any material until it reaches our store.

Custom orders will vary on the amount of time it takes to make from a week to a month or so (this does not include postage time). If you have an event or deadline you need the garment for, please let us know 1-2 months in advance so we get it to you on time.

Measurements must be done accurately in inches, but are able to have leeway of a quarter of an inch. When you have sent in your image\design\idea, we will notify you of which measurements we need.