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full chain suit SMALL

Full Chainmail Suit (Aluminium)

Price will be confirmed after order depending on measurements. See description for price estimate.

Product Description

As well as producing innovative, cutting edge new fashion ideas, the chain-master at Ringworks is also able to do basic chainmail outfitting. This medieval costume features a hauberk (chain shirt) and a coif (chain headpiece worn beneath a helm). It is made of aluminium and therefore is light and much more efficient for movies, stage productions or photoshoots. However, because of this, unfortunately the piece is not suitable for intense re-enactment. It can be made in spring steel at a higher expense, which is more reliable for these activities but incredibly heavy in comparison.  Tunic and garments for underneath the chainmail are not included, but can be made on request for an additional price.

Chainmail suit


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